While the natural gas industry has been an important part of ESPI, we care about those in the private sector as well. Wiring commercial buildings, both old and new, is something at which we excel. Commercial or industrial, we have the experience needed to suit your needs.

Commercial Services.


Industrial Services include Motor Control Centers and Programmable Logic Control (PLC).

Motor Control Center

                                                                                  Programmable Logic Controller

During the last nine years, a major part of our business has been in the natural gas industry. We have successfully installed programmable logic controls (PLC) on compressor stations, water transfer stations, and individual well sites. Many of these PLC's are monitored and controlled via SCADA systems.

We have done extensive work on compressor station control systems, temperature monitoring and reporting, gas and water flow measuring  and totalizing systems, vibration monitoring, heat trace installation, remote site power generation troubleshooting and repair and power installation to natural gas well heads.  Natural gas compressor upgrade